Effect of ID80 improved version


pls check this https://youtu.be/ICaKUGdegUY


  • Vahn

    Is RGB still a thing? why is not mentioned in the product page?

  • Ramil

    I will like to cancel my order. Already purchased screw in stabs this is so backwards you “fixed” a small problem and created a bigger one

  • Kody

    Will PCB screw-in stabs still work?


  • Bob

    Did you make the corners of the case less rounded? If not, please do so. Corner radius is too big for the thin bezels.

  • Peter

    Big mistake to go plate. All the people want PCB. I and many others will cancel their order.
    You sold this keyboard with PCB stabilizers NOT plate..
    How does it even work when using the Polaris PCB? Did you also switch to a worse PCB?

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