ID80 's Q&A



1. Q: is it possible to use this keyboard with the ISO layout?

A: we cann't use this ISO layout now, we will push this ISO version in July.


2.Q: About shipping time and Estimated delivery time

A: Normal,We will ship it in 3-5 work day. EUB Estimated delivery time is 30-45 work day


3.Q: Which countries can we send it to?

A:Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Ukraine, Spain, United States, Australia, Canada, Israel, Russia, Germany, Norway, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Portugal, Singapore, Poland,Italy, only these now. if you need other.pls give me a message,


4: Q: Any different in Plate mounted version with PCBA mounted version.

A: Pls check this web link


5: Q: Can I assume that since the pcb mounted stabilizer option is now available, this clearance issue has been solved and is no longer a problem? 

A: Yes, this is no problem now, Pls check this web link



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  • Jose

    Purchased a ID80 in Silver w/ PCB Mount. Shipped to the US West Coast and received within a week. Used GMK screw in stabs w/ Zealios v2. No problems with the hotswap sockets. Great keyboard for the price – due to the weight it will be my travel keyboard.

  • Stephen Villaueva

    Do you ship in the Philippines? I’m interested with ID80/ID87. Thank you!

  • vector

    I bought purple version just as soon as it appeared on Aliexpress and everything works beautifully, no problems with hot swaps whatsoever. It is true that I waited a bit, but still, one of the greatest keyboards.

  • Alvaro

    Is the iso version coming in July the same as the v2 you are working on or are they independent? Similarly, the ISO version brings any improvement over the current ones?

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