Improved id80

Hey  friends, it's idobao store here, 

We plan to make some changes in id80 to correct some wrong designs

1.We changed PCB  stab to Plate Stab. 


It will solve the problem that the stab foot is against the bottom case, and at the same time, it can reduce the sound caused by tapping the keyboard。

2.we will change this bottom case R angle. It will not be too sharp to hurt consumers' hands。


All 2nd version, we will fix these 2 question.

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  • I just bought a case pls, give me an older model with PCB stabs for black.

    Kyle on
  • I read this backwards and thought it changed from plate to PCB mount stabs. I was ready to pull the trigger until I realized my mistake. Plate mounted stabs are a deal breaker for me, so I’ll be passing on this one.

    Nate on
  • i noticed on the product page there was a silver looking case as well as a whiter version, but only a silver option, how can i get the white one?

    incin on
  • There must be a way to be able to use PCB mount stabs. This seems like a half-assed way to fix the problem. Like I bought 2 now that it is Plate mount I don’t want them..unfortunate. :|

    Matt on
  • wtf ? I already purchased some PCB mount stabs !
    No way, change it back and modify the design of the case, do something else

    AUBREE Maxime on

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