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ID75 Anodized Aluminium Case Custom Keyboard Acrylic Panels Acrylic Diffuser

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ID75 kit 2
ID75 kit 3
ID75 kit 1
ID75 kit 4
ID75 kit 5
Axis Body

Kit1=Hot swappable PCB(When purchasing, choose any color, only PCB)

Kit2=ID 75 Case

Kit3=Hot swappable PCB+ID 75 Case+Type C Cable

Kit4=Kit3+Gateron Switch(Pls choose from Red/Blue/Black/Brown/Clear/Yellow/Green)

Kit5=Kit3+Cherry Switch(Pls choose from Red/Black/Blue/Brown)



75 keys

Customizable ortholinear layout

Aluminum case

Hot-swappable switch inserts

Supports 3mm 2-pin LED hot-swappable base

Compatible with KLE custom key

Supports TKG-TOOLS offline brush machine and TKG online brush machine

Standard ICSP interface

Underglow RGB PCB (supports LED installation) 

Type-C USB

Compatible with most GH60 shells

QMK programming https://config.qmk.fm/#/idobo/LAYOUT_ortho_5x15

QMK CN programming http://qmkeyboard.cn/

QMK FAQs :https://docs.qmk.fm/#/ https://docs.qmk.fm/#/