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Coiled Cable Micro Mini USB Type-c Mechanical Keyboard Black White Grey Interface Cable

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V2 C Mini USB
V2 C Type c USB
V2 C Micro USB
Axis Body

Products Details:

1,Mechanical Keyboards usually use mini USB port wire cable, some use Micro USB port, and now more and more use Type-c port, pls make sure which is the suitable one(You can check the pictures below).2,Max Length:About 2M(V2 edition is about 2M+0.5M Straight Line)

3,The cable diameter is approximately 12.95mm.

4,Pls pay attention:Only incluing cable, not other things.Before buying, pls confirm your cable port type.

5,V2 edition is 0.5M longer than others.

Mechanical keyboard through mini USB port cable, Micro USB port, Type-c port, icon