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    ID87 Hot Swap PCB VIA Manuals

    lD87 Hotswap QMK Programming Manuals


    (Acrylic bottom shell needs to be purchased separately)

    Featuring a seamless case design made from anodized aluminum, it also incorporates an integrated plate which holds switches in place. QMK programmable for custom key commands, and outfitted with a USB-C port for fast connectivity, this board is ready for work or play.

    product name

    IDOBAO--ID87 Keyboard kit


    Product description

    Sized just right at a 80%—a compact configuration to feature the top function row—the ID87 mechanical keyboard kit from IDOBAO makes a great fit on any desk.This board is both durable and easy to build. Its PCB also features Kailh hot-swappable sockets, which allow users to quickly change switches without a soldering iron.


    Color selection

    (Anodic oxidation process):  black - silver - gray

    (Power coat process):  white

    Note: due to the influence of process, the color of pictures and physical products can not be guaranteed to be restored 100%



    Sandblasting Anodized Aluminium

    Power coat process



    USB Type C connection



    Case material:  Aluminum

    Bottom material:  Acrylic or aluminum--(Note: Acrylic bottom shell needs to be purchased separately)

    Angle: 6 degrees

    Weight: 1.02 kg(Weight of upper shell and bottom shell)

    Dimensions:  Width 14.3cm x length 35cm(Manual measurement)

    Integrated plate ANSI layout

    Programmable with QMK firmware


    only inclue Keyboard kit,Not include switch with Keycaps



    1 * Top case (Aluminium)

    1 * Bottom case (Aluminium)

    1 * Kailh socket hot plug PCB

    10 * hexagon socket screws(M2x5)

    17 * gold-plated cross screw(M2X4)

    2 * electric resistance   

    3 * Kailh Sockets 

    4 * stabilizer

    1 * USB Type-c data cable

    1 * foot pad

    1 * Hexagon screwdriver( H1.5mm)

    1 * Sound insulation foam