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IDOBAO Kailh Mechanical keyboard switch, metal switch

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model Thick gold copper Gold Silver
Tactile 50±10gf 40±10gf 50±10gf 40±10gf
Action force 50±10gf 40±10gf 50±10gf 40±10gf
Trigger trip 1.1±0.3mm 1.1±0.3mm 1.4±0.3mm 1.1±0.3mm
Full trip 3.5+0/-0.3mm 3.5+0/-0.3mm 3.5+0/-0.3mm 3.5+0/-0.3mm
Mechanical life 70,000,000Cycles 70,000,000Cycles 70,000,000Cycles 70,000,000Cycles
Hand feeling type Sound paragraph paragraph
Sound paragraph





Speed switches have a shorter key stroke and activation distance compared to other types of switches (approximately 40-50% faster). These are ideal for competitive gamers, or people who want to increase their typing speed.


10 * Kailh switch(according to the purchase quantity)

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