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IDOBAO Kailh purple and Red PRO 3-pin switch

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model purple Red
Operating force 50±10gf 50±10gf
Paragraph pressure 60±10gf \
Resilience 10-35gf \
Trigger travel 1.7±0.6mm 1.7±0.6mm
Total travel 3.6±0.4mm 3.6±0.4mm
Lifetime  70 million times  70 million times





Pro switches have an operating stroke of about 1.6-1.7mm and an operating force of 50g. These are completely different from speed switches in terms of their rods.
red feels smooth and has a slight curve when starting.
Purple is very good. The bump is decently strong and smooth. It feels comparable to a 65g zealio.


10 * Kailh switch(according to the purchase quantity)

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