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IDOBAO Kailh back blue red brown switch

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model Black Red Brown Blue
Hand feeling type linear linear paragraph Voiced paragraph
Operating force 60±10gf 50±10gf 60±15gf 60±10gf
Trigger travel 1.9±0.5mm 1.9±0.5mm 1.9±0.5mm 1.9±0.5mm
Total travel 4.0±0.4mm 4.0±0.4mm 4.0±0.4mm 4.0±0.4mm
Lifetime 70,000,000Cycles 70,000,000Cycles 70,000,000Cycles  70,000,000Cycles




Kailh produces a secure fit for any keycaps and all rods are mx housing compatible, allowing you to choose from the wide variety of keycaps available. Choose your color choice between black/blue/brown/red, suitable for mx cherry switch


10 * Kailh switch(according to the purchase quantity)

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