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IDOBAO launches a new special color--IK blue special series

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Designed by idobao team.   

Blue represents the sky, water and air, depth and infinity, freedom and life. Klein Blue, the most essential color of the universe, is too pure and has a particularly strong impact. It is known as an ideal blue and an absolute blue.

The same is true of IDOBAO's idea, which is the essence of depth, infinity, freedom and life, in memory of the great neo-realistic artist yves klein (April 28, 1928-June 6, 1962).

Featuring a seamless case design made from anodized aluminum, it also incorporates an integrated plate which holds switches in place.  QMK programmable for custom key commands, and outfitted with a USB-C port for fast connectivity, this board is ready for work or play. 

Product description

IDOBAO launched a new special color scheme-IK Blue Special Series, which consists of 66 sets of ID67V2, ID80V2 and ID87V2. It was officially put on sale at IDobao's official platform store at 4:28 on July 15th, Beijing time (16: 28 on July 14th, US time), which is a special commemorative collection edition.makes a great fit on any desk.This board is both durable and easy to build. Its PCB also features Kailh hot-swappable sockets, which allow users to quickly change switches without a soldering iron,Copper weight added at the bottom.

  • Only 22 sets of each model (when sold out, no replenishment)


Color selection

(Anodic oxidation process):  IK Blue

Note: due to the influence of process, the color of pictures and physical products can not be guaranteed to be restored 100%



Sandblasting Anodized Aluminium



USB Type C connection



Case material:  Aluminum

Bottom material:  Acrylic 

Angle: 6 degrees


Integrated plate ANSI

Per-key white LED

Programmable with QMK firmware


only inclue Keyboard kit,Not include switch



  • Top case (Aluminium)
  • Bottom case (Acrylic)
  • brass counterweight
  • Kailh Hot swap PCBA
  • Phillips screws(M2x10)
  • gold-plated cross screw(M2X4)
  • electric resistance   
  • Kailh Sockets 
  • stabilizer
  • USB Type-c data cable
  • foot pad