IDOBAO ID80 Crystal keyboard kit(Gasket mount version)

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This is a GB ,only inclue Keyboard kit,Not include switch with Keycaps

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Because the sample time has been delayed, we have extended the group purchase time by 3 days, so that more people can get the product


Start time is : Dec.18   

End time is :  Jan.23

Shipping time is : Apr.10  

Limit: 400unit


Designed by idobao team.   

Colour: Clear with smokey

Spec: Size: 80% 

Case material: Acrylic or PC

brass Plate 

Gasket foam with plate foam

Hot-swappable PCB (Kailh hot-swappable sockets) with White LED

Connection: USB Type C

QMK programmable with VIA

Included PC or Acrylic case

Cherry PCB Stabilizers


Rubber bump-ons