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Looking to create a compact keyboard that’s sleek,  sturdy, and feature-loaded? With the ID67 keyboard kit from IDOBAO, you can. Featuring a portable 65% layout, the ID67 is fully programmable via QMK firmware to help you do more with less. To help you get the optimal feel when typing, it’s equipped with hot-swappable switch sockets—so you don’t have to break out the soldering iron when installing switches. It’s also outfitted with an aluminum case for welcome stability, even during intensive use. For visibility in any room, the PCBA comes with full per-key RGB LEDs. Get even more illumination by adding an optional acrylic diffuser, and choose from several case colors to match your setup.


  • Layout: 65% (67-key)

  • Case material: Aluminum

  • Bottom material: Acrylic or aluminum

  • 6 degree typing angle

  • Integrated plate

  • Top screw mounted PCB

  • USB Type C connection

  • Per-key RGB LEDs

  • Programmable with QMK firmware

  • JSON and Hex Files